Co mohou děti dělat na hřišti s venkovním zábavním vybavením
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Dětské venkovní zábavní zařízení not only help children get good physical exercise, improve the balance and coordination of their bodies, but also help cultivate children's spiritual qualities, such as initiative, tenacity, courage, and fearlessness. In recent years, with the continuous promotion of quality education, children's outdoor amusement equipment has become one of the important auxiliary means of teaching and infrastructure of kindergartens, parks and real estate.

Outdoor slide is the most popular playground equipment to children, experiencing different speed,passion and unspeakable beauty. Children's world is colorful, fearless and incomparable. They are in close contact with nature and feel infinite joy in the colorful world. Whether plastic slide, wooden slide or stainless steel slide, they are both solid and durable, and are the first choice for children's outdoor amusement equipment.

The seesaw is the most common outdoor amusement equipment. Before new types of amusement projects, such as stainless steel slides and climbing frames appeared, seesaw almost took over children's childhood. Now, great changes have taken place in the shape and appearance of seesaw, but the only thing remains unchanged is the children's love for it.

The rope net climbing frame is made of marine cable rope for navigation, with chrome plated steel wire in the center, which is extremely strong and durable. It is the nature of children to love climbing. We should encourage them to play and create comfortable and interesting play space for them. The design concept of the rope net game is to let children climb up and down the rope net through different combinations of the rope net, make up for the lack of crawling exercise for children, and enhance their balance control ability.

The outdoor children's non-powered amusement facilities can be divided into 5 categories according to the playing method, including horse spinning, sliding and outward bound training etc.Each project allows children to exercise and develop intelligence while playing. I hope there will be more interesting and interesting amusement equipment projects to enrich children's outdoor activities in the future.

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